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As a member of PRSSA you receive numerous benefits that not only give you a competitive advantage when applying for the job of your dreams, but also provide you with multiple networking opportunities and resources that will aid your growth as a professional. PRSSA can help you enhance your education, broaden your network by connecting you with like-minded peers and professionals, as well as launch your career in public relations and communications.

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PRSSA is not just for individuals majoring in public relations. Students enrolled in advertising, business administration, film and video, graphic design, journalism, marketing, political science, as well as students interested in communications overall are just a few who you will meet at our organization.


PRSSA University of Memphis Chapter’s goal is to provide valuable benefits to students during their time in college that give them real-world experiences and connections like no other. Therefore, it offers various events to advance each student’s professional skills: professional development webinars, agency tours in Memphis, social events, networking events, travel opportunities, and a chance to connect with students and pros from over 400 chapters of PRSSA.


PRSSA offers a variety of opportunities to expand your portfolio through experiences, achievements, and knowledge. Be published in the PRSSA Progressions blog or run for office as a Chapter leader. Apply for scholarships and leadership awards provided by the PRSA Foundation that recognizes your efforts and assists you with school funding. Access newsletters, blogs, webinars, publications, and case studies that can help you research best practices and stay up to date on industry trends.


As a member of PRSSA, jumpstart your career by using the PRSA Jobcenter and PRSSA Internship Center to get job-hunting tips and find employment opportunities across multiple industries in different parts of the world. Impress your future employers by getting certified in the principles of public relations. Connect with other public relations and communications professionals using the PRSA New Professional Section to communicate the unique struggles new pros face, as well as gain knowledge and insights through mentoring and more benefits that PRSA offers.

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