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Public Relations Student Society of America - University of Memphis

Constitution and Bylaws

Article I. Organization Overview

The Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is the foremost organization for students interested in public relations and communications. We seek to advance the public relations profession by nurturing generations of future professionals. We advocate rigorous academic and professional standards in the field of public relations.

PRSSA promotes professional development through workshops, speakers, competitions, national conferences and community involvement.

Article II. Membership Guidelines

To be a member of the University of Memphis PRSSA, the individual must be a student at the University of Memphis. No student will be turned away based on age, race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin or disability.

To become a member of PRSSA National students must pay annual dues of $60 to the University of Memphis PRSSA. Annual dues can be paid to either the faculty advisor or current chapter president.

Article III. Executive Board Terms and Responsibilities

In order to run for the position of president, the student must have served on the executive board in a previous semester unless otherwise approved by a faculty adviser.

All executive board members are required to attend meetings unless notice is given. Failure to participate in chapter activities and maintain good standing within the chapter will result in termination of board position.

Board positions last for one school year. Each spring semester elections will be held for the following fall.

A 2.0 GPA must be maintained by all officers.

Article IV. Executive Board Positions and Responsibilities

The officers of this chapter shall be president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, social media director, public relations director, fundraising director, and historian. The duties of these officers shall be listed below and pertain to the duties of office(s) held. Anything not specified shall be referred to within the latest National PRSSA Chapter Handbook. Responsibilities may be changed during the term of position based on chapter engagement and ongoing needs.


  • Facilitate meetings

  • Notifying members of meetings

  • Present an agenda at each meeting

  • Keep in regular contact with the faculty advisor, chapter professional advisor and the PRSSA National Committee

  • Insure that executive board officers are fulfilling their responsibilities as described in the constitution

  • Oversee all committees

Vice President

  • Shall take charge and fulfill presidential responsibilities of the chapter should the president become ineligible to serve

  • Coordinate membership drives and recruitment activities

  • Develop and oversee chapter programs and events

  • Maintain an e-mail account and relay important correspondence to members at meetings

  • Inform chapter on professional public relations organizations events, meetings and opportunities



  • Take minutes of each meeting, present them at the next meeting and e-mail them weekly to each member

  • Generate, distribute, and maintain a phone and e-mail database of all members

  • Write thank-you notes to all guest speakers and ensure that all members sign



  • Present an accounting of the University of Memphis PRSSA’s funds and financial standing at each regularly scheduled meeting

  • Complete all pertinent paperwork

  • Present the chapter with a proposed budget at the first meeting of the academic year.

  • Collect and record dues

  • Come up with, plan and organize fundraising ideas

Public Relations Director

  • Responsible for the publicity of the chapter

  • Work with Vice President on prospective members

  • Publicize University of Memphis PRSSA’s activities and events

  • Promote meetings, lectures and workshops to students and potential members

Fundraising Director

  • Be in charge of social fundraising calendar

  • Host one meeting or activity a month for members

  • Plan at least one fundraising event

Social Media Director

  • Keep the website and social media updated regularly

  • Make the website clean and accessible for prospects, current members and alumni members

  • Keep an updated calendar on website

  • Hold access to PRSSA’s Twitter and Facebook page and update it regularly

Article V. Meetings

PRSSA Memphis will have no less than one general meeting each month. Members wishing to attend will be notified by the PRSSA newsletter distributed by the department. They can also find all scheduled events on the PRSSA Memphis Facebook page. All students are invited to attend general meetings.

Article VI. Finance


The finances of PRSSA Memphis are the joint responsibility of the faculty advisor, chapter president and treasurer. The ongoing finances will be discussed by the executive board during each board meeting. For every membership due that is received $50 will be mailed to PRSSA National and the remaining $10 will be retained by PRSSA Memphis. These funds will be used for PRSSA events, activities and conferences.

Article VII. Committees


Committees are open to any PRSSA member. They will be headed by one of the members of the executive board. Board members will assign each committee with tasks during general meetings to be completed by the next scheduled meeting. Committee members must maintain regular attendance at meetings and correspondence with the board. Current committees include recruitment, fundraising and branding.


Article VIII. Points


As official members of PRSSA Memphis each student will be required to maintain a certain number of points annually. Students will earn points for the following things:

  • Attending Meetings

  • Joining Committees

  • Assisting with fundraising and events

  • Volunteering for PRSSA

  • Attending Events

Points will be given by the chapter president, historian and faculty adviser.

Points will be used to determine who receives priority access to travel funds and graduation cords.

To receive these benefits, students must retain 50 points annually to maintain good standing.

Membership points are subject to change with notice from executive board.

They are a chapter policy and in no way are affiliated with PRSSA National.

IX. Amendments:


This constitution may be amended by a three‑quarters favorable vote of the membership of the Chapter, provided that the amendment shall have been proposed at least one meeting previous to the time of voting. Amendments to the Chapter Constitution and Bylaws, however, shall become effective only upon their approval by the National Committee of the Public Relations Student Society of America. Such amendments shall conform to the National Bylaws of the Public Relations Society of America.

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